Asia Dragon

Asia Dragon has always been adhering to the concept of "Beauty - Strength - Wealthy", and we provide high quality services and products for our partners. We are willing to cooperate with all friends in the ropes and related fields, promoting the development of rope industry , accelerating scientific and technological progress, benefiting the whole world.


Asia Dragon

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Asia Dragion is one of the top brand in the Rope Industry of Vietnam. Given us the 3 keywords: Beauty, Strength & Wealth, Asia Dragon required to build up a completely new image for the brand on Digital sphere From the research to the idea implentation stage, we have worked closely with Asia Dragon to understand the brand core value from different perpectives, then connecting different pictures into one which is the final branding design. Once the branding is confirmed, other products are born and all are representing the Asia Dragon as the Top rope production company in Vietnam.


Website, Branding



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